Cliffs support highly specialized and distinct biota including lichens, bryophytes and ancient trees.  Increasing levels of human development, recreation and other uses have encroached on these sensitive habitats causing to deleterious impacts.          (Clark & Hessl, 2015)

Since 2009, we have worked with dozens of federal and state entities, environmental trusts and recreational advocacy groups to research, manage and protect over 100 miles of cliffs and associated biota.


At Cliff Ecology Environmental Consultants (CEEC), we provide a link between the natural sciences and land-use management of cliff environments and related vertical formations. Our diverse and specialized skill set enables us to understand concerns that challenge landowners, managers, developers, environmentalists and recreationists. We provide counsel and customized solutions to meet our clients goals.

What we do

  • Produce baseline environmental assessments with actionables. 
  • Develop customized management plans for land managers and stewards.
  • Actualize short and long-term strategies for environmental monitoring.
  • Access to the CEEC toolkit with capacity in mapping, design and outreach
  • Facilitate conversations between clients, landowners, environmentalists and users.
  • Knowledge of precedent, permits and potential pitfalls. 
  • Provide achievable management goals supported by a science-based foundation.
  • Source project funds and grow network of citizen science stewards, when applicable.